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Plenary Presentation:

Presentation ID Title Theme Abstract /Presentation Presenter
ICCF23-PL-01 A perspective from the Google group Material Studies Slides/Video Matthew D. Trevithick
ICCF23-PL-02 Ternary hydrides Material Studies Abstract/Video Ping Chen
ICCF23-PL-03 Progress in Energy Generation Research using Nano-Metal with Hydrogen/Deuterium Gas Heat Production Abstract/Video Yasuhiro Iwamura
ICCF23-PL-04 Progress in Nano-Metal Hydrogen Energy Heat Production Abstract/Video Akito Takahashi
ICCF23-PL-05 Conventional Fusion in an Unconventional Place Radiation and Other Measurements Abstract/Video Lawrence P. Forsley
ICCF23-PL-06 Some Novel Analytical Techniques Applied to LENR Active Materials Material Studies Abstract/Video Francis Tanzella
ICCF23-PL-07 Huge Variety of Nuclides that Arise in the LENR Processes. Attempt at Explanation Transmutations Abstract/Video Alex G. Parkhomov
ICCF23-PL-08 Recent progress on phonon-nuclear theoretical models Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract/Video Peter L. Hagelstein
ICCF23-PL-09 The Nature of the D+D Fusion Reaction in Palladium and Nickel Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract/Video Edmund Storms
ICCF23-PL-10 Experimental setup for studying Rydberg matter of Hydrogen Theoretical and Computational Studies Video Sveinn Ólafsson

Invited Presentation:

Presentation ID Title Theme Abstract /Presentation Presenter
ICCF23-I-01 Progress towards replication; revisited Approaches to Replication Abstract/Video Michael McKubre
ICCF23-I-02 A Lattice Energy Converter Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract/Video Frank Gordon
ICCF23-I-03 Direct measurement confirming Generation of Excess Heat Heat Production Abstract/Video Prahlada Ramarao
ICCF23-I-04 Ultr-high Density Cluster Enabled LENR Heat Production Abstract/Video George Miley
ICCF23-I-05 Clean Energy from Hydrogen-Metal Systems(CleanHME) Approaches to Replication Abstract/Video Konrad Czerski
ICCF23-I-06 Plasmonic Condensed Matter Nuclear Fusion Material Studies Abstract/Video Katsuaki Tanabe
ICCF23-I-07 Laser induced transmutation in palladium thin films in hydrogen atmosphere Transmutations Abstract/Video Jean-Paul Biberian
ICCF23-I-08 Electrodeposition of Hydrogen Adatoms on Graphene Electrochemical Experiments Abstract/Video Dong-Ping Zhan
ICCF23-I-09 Hydrogen isotope separation through two-dimensional crystals Material Studies Abstract/Video Sheng Hu
ICCF23-I-10 Input Stimuli and Output Signals in LENR Experiments Radiation and Other Measurements Abstract/Video David Nagel
ICCF23-I-11 Review of Cavitation Induced Effects Radiation and Other Measurements Abstract/Video Roger S. Stringham
ICCF23-I-12 Early Excess Power Using NRL Pd-B Cathodes Heat Production Abstract/Video Melvin H. Miles
ICCF23-I-13 Excess heats in a Pd(Pt)-LiOD+D2O reflux open-electrolytic cell  Electrochemical Experiments Abstract/Video Wu-Shou Zhang
ICCF23-I-14 Abnormal enhancement of nuclear reaction in extreme environments studied by ion beam experiments Beam Experiments Video Tie-Shan Wang
ICCF23-I-15 Electromagnetic excitation of coaxially-coiled Constantan wires by high-power, high-voltage, microsecond pulses Material Studies Abstract/Video Francesco Celani
ICCF23-I-16 Decay-Instability of Transmutated Chemical Elements Obtained in LENR Experiment Transmutations Abstract/Video Anatoly Klimov
ICCF23-I-17 CF/LANR Excess Heat Activates Shape Memory Alloys Heat Production Abstract/Video Mitchell R. Swartz
ICCF23-I-18 Radiant calorimetry of excess heat production in NiCu multilayer foil with hydrogen gas Radiation and Other Measurements Abstract/Video Jirohta Kasagi
ICCF23-I-19 The Electromagnetic Considerations of the Nuclear Force, Part II: The Determination the Lowest Energy Configurations for Nuclei Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract/Video N. L. Bowen
ICCF23-I-20 A role for relativity in Cold Fusion Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract/Video Andrew Meulenberg
ICCF23-I-21 Can the collective emission of the excited surface phonon trigger low-energy nuclear reactions? Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract/Video Song-Yuan Ding
ICCF23-I-22 Excess Energy from Heat-Exchange Systems Transmutations Abstract/Video Bin-Juine Huang

Oral Presentation:

Presentation ID Title Theme Abstract /Presentation Presenter
ICCF23-O-01 Long Term Anomalous Heat from 9 nm Pd Nanoparticles in an Electrochemical Cell Heat Production Abstract/Video Graham Hubler
ICCF23-O-02 Temperature and pressure dependence of anomalous heat generation occurring in hydrogen gas absorption by metal powder Hot Gas Experiments Abstract/Video Tomotaka Kobayashi
ICCF23-O-03 Progress of Reproducing the Mizuno’s Experiment in QiuRan Lab Heat Production Abstract/Video Hang Zhang
ICCF23-O-04 The Nature of the Atom - An Introduction to the Structured Atom Model Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract/Video Johannes Kaal
ICCF23-O-05 Nuclear transmutations are better facilitated by alloys over pure metal cathodes in electrolysis. Electrochemical Experiments Abstract/Video Ankit Kumar
ICCF23-O-06 Artificial radioactivity in the nonequlibrium plasma of the glow discharge in Pd-D and Ni-H from the point of view of nuclear-chemical reactions Transmutations Abstract/Video Irina Savvatimova
ICCF23-O-07 Where and How LENR Occur Approaches to Replication Abstract/Video David Nagel
ICCF23-O-08 Phonon Assisted Fusion Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract/PPT/Video S Dana Seccombe
ICCF23-O-09 Correlated quantum states in LENR: first exciting results from an experimental test Beam Experiments Abstract/Video Sergio Bartalucci
ICCF23-O-10 LENR Solution of the Cosmological Lithium Problem Transmutations Abstract/Video Vladimir Vysotskii
ICCF23-O-11 Abnormal absorption of hydrogen in nickel at ambient temperature with associated emission of neutrons Radiation and Other Measurements Abstract/Video Ubaldo Mastromatteo
ICCF23-O-12 Atomic Nuclei Binding Energy Similarities between Binding Energy Values of Chemical Elements : Example of Nickel and Copper Modeling and Simulation Abstract/Video Philippe Hatt
ICCF23-O-13 Error Analysis in D(H)/Pd Gas-loading System Heat Production Abstract/Video Xing-Ye Wang
ICCF23-O-14 Spectro-electrochemical characterization of ultra-thin film of Pd-H/D single-crystal electrode and Au@Pd nanoparticles Material Studies Abstract/Video Zhong-Qun Tian

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